During Fair Gifa at the Italian squares, realized by ICE (Italian Trade Commission) and Amafond (Italian Foundry Suppliers’ Association), a route between ART and HISTORY will be the real protagonist. At hall 16 we will remind the anniversary of the 500 years of the death of Leonardo Da Vinci, through the projection of a video (courtesy Museo Galileo - 1, dei Giudici Place 50122 Florence) with the simulation in a single casting of the famous Sforza horse. The same project Leonardo thought, but he was unable to realize. Moreover we will realize an exposition of 8 beautiful cast iron artifacts (courtesy Museo Italiano della Ghisa - Ss. Emilia, 1626 47020 Longiano (FC) – which are from 1880 to 1920. This is something very unique, a real piece of our history! Always at hall 16 there will be 4 works of art in bronze. The author is the award-winning contemporary artist Giacinto Bosco (courtesy Giacinto Bosco - In this exposition we can see a poetic dimesion and how the imagination of the creator trasforms moulds into sculptures. At hall 11, instead, the protagonists will be 7 contemporary works of art in aluminum created by 7 different artists who have in common their participation at Premio COMEL ( Premio COMEL is an Italian reality with a consolidated European activity in promoting the creative use of aluminum. This exhibition will demonstrate how a metal, combined with the artist's creativity, can take shape in many ways and tell different stories starting from the same basic technique.


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